Up coming book : 3D Pop Up Children's book

Hi mates.. :)
this time i try to make a 3D pop up children's book
I try to collaborate with my Senior partner in crime.
He's the one that i usually asked for suggestions to improve my drawing.
He's great in Sketching and Colouring.
For me he's like my supervisor, we discuss a lot of stuff these days.
Therefore i humble ask him to collaborate with me to create something different back here in Indonesia.
Then we agree to divide the work. I'm the one that responsible for the storyline, paper mechanism, and illustration. As for him, he done lots of remarkably colouring. So i trust him to create a living picture with his awesome colouring techniques
We make this project since 2 months ago. Thanks to my slow brain, this mechanism finish a bit longer that i thought. *Thanks brain (yaaay) -_-'''

Here is the mechanism:

I created almost 12 sub-pages in each side of the 5 main pages.
The hint of the story is about an innocent little witch that living with her big cat in the forest where she is isolated from the human world. She got lots of animal friend that help her to solves her problem. But the funny thing is, those animal were stubborn and pretend to be smart.
In the end of this 3D pop up book were gonna see how everything goes messy and will be uncontrollable.
Moral of the story will come up in the end of the last page.

Hopefully we'll finish the book soon


*Colouring: Indra Fauzi
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Children's book: A story that help children to recognize shapes and colours

Hopefully this book will help not only normal children but also easily help autism children to recognize shapes and colours

Story: -Help Kuro the cat to recognize shapes and colours of her boxes-
*This book comes with glittery effect. (safe for children)
Media: Watercolour paint and glitter
Story and illustration copyright (c) 2011 by Angling R Tilarsih /(Redcheek)

Made by hand using 0.2 cm and 0.4 cm Cardboard as a base:
-I made this book a bit thick, so children feels comfortable to hold the book and touch the glitter safely (covered by Indian gum varnish so the glitter wont come off):

After long hours and exhausted, here you go' viola!!!:

The cover :

The rough sketch before print:

comes as well with Indonesian language Version:

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Children's book: A unique and glittery bedtime story

Story: Kuro is a female fat cat that have a unique and fuzzy habits. Because of that she is different from other cats.
See for your self how annoying and super demanding she was in "Kuro the spoiled old cat!" children's book soon (comes with glittery illustration).
media: watercolour paint and giltter

Story and illustration copyright (c) 2011 by Angling R Tilarsih /(Redcheek)
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