Interactive Children book: An adventure pop up book

Hello lads...
this is the upcoming 3d book that i promise to make before. its been ages since i created the mechanism last December 2010: http://redcheekpainter.blogspot.com/2011/01/up-coming-book-3d-pop-up-childrens-book.html

Its about the adventure of little witch with her unique friends, where she found a new object that she never seen before. The adventure start when she cant find out what actually the object are, then she traveled around the forest to find more information from the animals that called them self the expert in all things. Turns out they are being snob and stubborn with their theories. what will happen next to Loly and her friends? catch the story about them at this link:

The moral of this story is to give children understanding about where should they get the right information and resources.

The process of making this book is quite long but thank God it is finish.. *hahah
Well.. actually i want to sent this artwork to macmillan prizes (http://www.panmacmillan.com)this year
(hopefully i win that prize *finger cross)
Size of the book(21x28)cm
media: Water paint, 2b pencil, scanner, Photoshop CS3
well here you are the final product.. :(hopefully you guys love it) ;

-RedCheek :)
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Fashion Sketcher : Batique Theme

This is one of my recent work to sketch a signature batique dress from Ipank's boutique in Pekalongan, Indonesia. Pekalongan is a city and seat of Pekalongan Regency on the northern coast of Central Java, Indonesia. The city is Central Java's most important port, and is known for its batique (batik).
Ipank's company is an individual Indonesian Fashion boutique that produce a top well known fashion modern batique such as skirt, blouse, mini dress, and signature dress. They cater fashion up to 15-40 years old ladies with a very elegant and unique lifestyle.

client: Ipank's batique (http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000454829022&sk=info)
material: paper, blue pencil 2b, scanner, Adobe Photoshop CS3

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Painting with acrilycs: Parrot

Hello Mates,
back there in may 2009 i went to London Zoo to sketched some beautiful animals in there.
when i got back i pick one of my sketch which is Parrot bird to be colored in acrylics.
and here it goes:

media: water color paper A4, acrylics,black marker.
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Children's book illustration (work sample)

Hello Mates
Thank you for visiting my Blog
here is my recent work, the theme is about a happy girl playing with her dog.
material: paper A4, pencil 4b, scanner, Adobe Photoshop CS3, Picasa software.

sample sketch:

sample sketch:

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Fashion Sketcher

This is one of my recent work to sketch a signature dress from Ella boutique.
Ella Boutique is an individual Italian Fashion boutique based in Chelsea. They cater fashion for 40+ years old ladies with a very elegant lifestyle.

client: http://www.ellaboutique.com/
material: paper, blue pencil 2b, scanner, Adobe Photoshop CS3

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Card sample: Any Occasion Theme

Hello Mates...
thank you for visit my blog, here is my recent work.
i made sample of "any occasion" cards for www.littleoneprints.co.uk.
Little One Prints is an online greeting card company, specialising in birth announcements and thank you cards in United Kingdom.

material: paper, blue pencil 2b, scanner, Adobe Photoshop CS3
Photo was taken from Little one print sample picture copyright (c) 2011

I made according to the requirements and guidelines from the company 2011,

This is the blank card:

The customer can freely put photos and words to the card so they may have a card like this:
Photo sample taken from the company's sample pictures (www.littleoneprints.co.uk)

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