Children's book: The Toothless Princess (A story book complete with Interactive stickers inside)

Afternoon Mates!!!
Well... now im just finish my 4th Children's book. Its a story book complete with interactive stickers inside. Well at first i thought it would be cool for children to involve putting the characters in the story. It helps them to interact and improve creativity. Therefore i make a book that have sticker of characters so children freely to put each of the characters in every background theme. The storyline will help them to know which character should be put into different background themes. This book also making parents to be involve and guide their children to put all the characters inside the book and create a great quality time.
I made this book in 2 languages (English and Indonesian version)

*Story: The story begins about a prince who was cursed by a powerful wizard. The prince will return back from his cursed when his willing to sacrifice for others. After centuries passed, the prince's story slowly buried and appear a new kingdom which is ruled by the new king and queen. They are very wise and have a beautiful daughter. When their daughter grow up to be 17 years old, the princess began to cover her face with a veil. What happened to the beautiful princess? and how the continuation story of the prince? all will be answered at the end of the story. This story presented with good moral values that suitable for children to adopt. suitable for children aged 5-10 years.

This is the book when i make them from scratches:

The english version:

The Indonesian version:

The book when its done:

Media: A2 paper 260 gr, lining pen (0.5 ml), Scanner, Photoshop CS3

Hopefully it will be publish soon :)


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