Adventure In The Island of Gods

Hi, I am James. I am 6! I am an explorer! Now I am here in Bali. This island is famous as the island of Gods.
I must let you know that I easily make friends because of my big smile (this is my secret!). Oh Look, I think i found one!
This is Ayu, She is Balinese. She can't speak English that much. But i know that she willing to show me her lovely island. So off we go!!!
First stop: Monkey Forest! We feed the monkeys! They are friendly and cute! I don't think they are naughty... not to me, of course! because I always aware of danger. I must say, i am a good explorer!
Then we play with the piglets! They are pink! It is the favourite colour of my mum. I don't wear pink, I am an explorer you see! Note: Turns out pigs are the favourite local food in Bali. I don't eat them, Pigs are my friends. I only eat vegetables and bacon!
We pet the cats afterwards.. Ayu have a big cat as her pet, she lives in the Zoo. I live in a tiny flat in London, but I explore all the park every Sunday with my dog Benton! I am an explorer you see and adventure never ends! My schedule everyday : Keep on busy!
It's quite hot today, so we gladly to visit the elephant and share our ice cream. Elephant likes Ice cream, specially strawberry flavour. Note to my self: Do not come near the elephant poo, it is stink!!
Bali bless with beautiful birds. Macaws can be a lovely companion I must say.. As for me, i work solo (except for Benton, he is a mate not a sidekick!) An explorer never have a sidekick on his side, But i might consider to change my mind one day. Oh look, an Owl! oh, I wish I can have one.
Ayu show me beautiful sites in Bali. Starting landscape,beach,and mountains. But the one that I really love is a temple on top of a stone hill near the beach. Ayu told me that place called Pure Tanah Lot. It is full moon today, and the Kintamani dogs are singing to the moon. Note: I must say Ayu can sing pretty well with the dogs!
Ayu's dad catched a lots of big fish today. I enjoy the rest of the night eating fresh sea fish as my supper. Oh, This is life! Today is fun, so tomorrow is another one. Jolly Good!


bubui bulan said...

Those are cool drawing, well..i am not too sure to name it ^^V. I don't know a thing about drawing and painting but i'm interested in it (not to do it but just want to have a little insight about it :D). It seem that you have learnt enough to give it out as a book, that could be a nice progress. You, yourself, how did you draw it? I mean were you used to draw in the past?
A friend of mine is quite good at drawing, something similar to yours. Unfortunately, she is going nowhere thus you know it, she is nowhere to go :(. Would you mind to give a little advice for my buddy? She would definitely feel excited and thankful to you. Cheers!

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