Kuro the spoiled fat cat that i love! :)

Hi there, This is the illustrations about my female fat cat. Unfortunately she's in heaven now, But her memories will remains in my heart :') So there, I created this illustrations on behalf of remembering her unique and quirky behaviour. She lives 5 years with agony until I found her in the street near my University in 2004. Since then, we get along for the past 7 years. She might a bit spoiled afterwards but I knew that she always be that possessive to show her most affection for carrying and love. Enjoy! -Red Cheek
Kuro, the best thing about her is she show you "who's the boss!" And yes she does! She doesn't like if you pet her until you got her permission to touch her fluffy fur (She will come to you if she needs to). She had moody behaviour and tantrums that can suddenly pops up like firecrackers. Her quirky mood changes so quick from the cute little angel to the bad dare devil. But it never put off my love for her, oh yes i love her since the first time we met!
She is a good pet! (well.. not most of the time but) she often taking care of me by watching me over the round window infront of my flat while I'm out chatting with my neighbours. She will MAKE SURE that i will not be late for her supper! (>.<)' "ay ay ay..."
She is a sensible cat! (well,different from others i must say). Her favorite routine in the morning is go to the backyard and sit in her fat belly. Feels her paws to the wet ground and smells the beautiful scents of flowers. She loves summer fragrance and can spend minutes watching the butterfly flying between the flowers while enjoy the sun bright up her face. "she might be made for summer!"
She owns the flat!( I believe, I'm her servant). Her tantrums comes quite often if she is hungry. She jump and jump between the table create a chaos in the kitchen and in the living room. Scratch the sofa and hanging in the curtain. And I have enough with my patient sometimes so I put her to the highest part in the flat to make her calm (Yes, its actually work! She hates highs). She will roar and roar at me, ordering to put her down instantly. "Oh, deary me!" (-_-)'
She is obsessed with other things that move in the wall! (Gecko is her Favorite prey). Even a little mouse that common came to steals her food wont interrupted her concentration from the poor little gecko.
She loves leftovers food! Most of the expensive cat's food that I brought from the shop are stay safe in the cupboard. "Oh, deary me!!" (-__-)'
And she love to show her affection after having her supper! Oh yes, She does! she will make me sit on the sofa and sleep in my lap. In the end she gave me bonus by purring loudly and drolls. "And again... oh deary me!!!" (-___-)' I believe she is in heaven now. As I pray to God every night to sent her enough food and my love for her. If she is not a good kitty, then I wont missed her that much (wont I?) :')


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