Jojo's Anordinary Life

Hello Folks, this is Jojo. He is a very special boy (He just doesn't realize yet) and until now Jojo never been happy. Now, I will tell you the story...          Jojo love to eat fruits and vegetables but he never understand why his skin colour change once he consume his favourite food. On monday Jojo love to eat Carrots for his lunch then his skin turns orange. He was sad to knew that his schoolmates teased him a lot because of that. In the end he can't do much about it.   On Tuesday Jojo love to eat Banana, but then again the postman too scared to replied his greetings in front of his house. On Wednesday Mum served watermelon. Jojo love it! But he was so sad seen his cat and dog are scared to play along. Thursday is his favourite. Jojo can eat spinach as much as he wanted. Unfortunately his favourite neighbour, Mrs. Bowes accidentally sprayed him when she wanted to water her plants.
  Dad always back early from work on Friday. He brought fresh grapes for supper. Jojo turned purple and wont go out because he is too shy of his skin colour.
On Saturday Jojo stop eating. His Mum comforted him and explained that it is not good to stop eating fruits and vegetables. "No one wants to play with me, Mummy. I'm too weird for them", Jojo cried. "Dear dear Jojo, not everyone will think that way.." Mom replied.
    Jojo never knew that on Sunday his life will change forever. He was out alone in the playground when he heard someone called him.
"Hi there, My name is Lulu. What's yours?", Said a little girl. Jojo then turned his back and surprised seen a little girl so much into colours from head to toe.
"you have a lovely skin colour.. is that real? ", she asked.
"Yes, it is real. My skin colour will change if I'm consuming fruits and veggies", Jojo replied
"Oh Golly!! That is fascinating", she cheered " Do you like my nail colours?" she show her colourful nails
"I love the colours",Jojo smiled "YAAY, Lets play together then!", and they shared laugh together.
Since that time Jojo's life are colourful. Most of the time they played together. And sometime after the rain Jojo ate Strawberries, Plums, Peaches, and pumpkins in the same time so his skin turned like Rainbows!

 Media : * watercolour on paper


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